The Company provide a range of unique bespoke / tailored / specialised management tools and products which are developed in house and are subject to copy right. These are delivered through development, implementation and maintenance services to support the customers Management Team in the following disciplines;

  • Quality Management.
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Health and Safety Management.
  • Fire Safety Management
  • Environmental Management.
  • Statutory Compliance Management.
  • Information Security Management.
  • Training and Competence Management.
  • Development and Delivery of In House Client Specific Training.

We have developed a Risk & Governance based Integrated Management Systems Model, which encapsulates the disciplines listed above and focuses on the individual company’s specific needs, desires and bottom line performance.

The Integrated Management Systems Model is implemented through our “One Company, One System Approach" which requires the clients’ management to participate in a series of workshop sessions that identifies the company’s needs and executive expectations, relative to the business plan, at the same time taking into account the needs, expectations and contractual as well as statutory obligations which they must meet. This exercise (which is spread over time to suite executive commitment) greatly improves executive awareness of systems, standards and legislation. It also has the added benefit that it emphasises ownership of and demonstrates executive commitment to the management system of the company, thereby encouraging workforce involvement and commitment to success.

The Integrated Management Systems Model and “One Company, One System Approach" has been successfully introduced and implemented in all types of organisations engaged in all types of activity ranging from small and start up businesses (2 to 20 staff), through medium to large enterprises (20 to 300 staff) to health service departments and privatised utilities (up to 3000 staff). Every organisation that has adopted our model and approach has benefited from the process.

Management Systems Maintenance & Internal Audit Services:
Your management systems, process controls and statutory compliance arrangements, should be maintained and monitored for effectiveness. Your internal audit programme is one of the primary tools to do this, properly carried out, your internal audits should not only demonstrate “Due Diligence” but highlight any short comings in your processes and identify opportunities for improvement.

We offer a service that will audit your management system and relate the findings to your stated aims, objectives and executive policies as well as any published standards applicable to your organisation or product such as Corporate Governance, ISO 9001 or CE Marking. This service includes dealing with any third party certification requirements as well as supplier assessment and qualification programmes.

The benefit of this service is that it leaves your people to get on with the work they are paid for and at the same time it gives executive management the confidence of knowing that their systems and processes are effective and working correctly.

The Company also produce and market a number of unique “Stand Alone” products which are aimed at the compliance issues facing all businesses, these are;

  • Legislative Review, Tool and Process.
  • Risk Management Process,
  • Operations Nonconformity Process & Register,
  • Management Systems Improvement Process & Register,
  • Supplier Evaluation Process & Register.
  • Calibration Process & Register
  • Competence Management Process & Register.
  • CE Marking Process & Register.