THE Business Owners Support Service

THE HIDDEN BUSINESS PROBLEMS: Many businesses & organisations are active in today’s market place with no idea of all the hidden hazards due to regulation, competition or other 3rd party interference that can impact on their activities.

There are many reasons for this but mostly it is due to either lack of knowledge, incorrect knowledge, incorrect advice or lack of finances. Whatever the reason, businesses and organisations are at risk from hidden hazards they face in their daily activity and rarely carry out an assessment of all these hazards and threats, some of which could close them down.

For most businesses and organisations the impact of these hidden hazards is only realised  after employee conflict, an accident, during a regulatory inspection or customer dissatisfaction.

Any business or organisation that finds itself in a situation due to the hidden hazards of regulation, competition or other 3rd party interference has to deal not only with the situation itself but with the on going effects of unplanned expenditure, loss of business and loss of reputation.

Lack of knowledge is not a defence and any business or organisation finding itself having to deal with customer regulatory inspection may often find itself shutting its doors permanently.

Unfortunately the story does not end there.  Even though the business or organisation is no longer active the owners or principals find themselves still having to answer to the issues in court.  In some cases this may lead to large compensation claims, fines or custodial sentences.

SOLUTION: To put things simply, if you own, run or manage a business the only real defence you have is one of 'DUE DILIGENCE'.

BOSS from CMS is a service that provides clear advice, not just on what your legal and commercial obligations are, but also on what you can do to show due diligence with those obligations, in order to protect yourself, your employees and your customers.

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