The company is formed by a group of professional managers and advisors, from various executive and higher level management backgrounds who between them have unique skills covering all aspects of business and commerce, ranging from law (regulatory compliance) through production & supply chain management to product or service delivery. The aim is to support the management of individual organisations in the improvement of their processes and the mitigation of the risks to their business, with a special emphasis on the issues related to Compliance with Contractual and Statutory Obligations (the essentials of business), the “Non-Revenue Earning” processes of every enterprise.

IsoManagers has evolved from CMS (Corporate Management Support), one of the first independent management support organisations and Quality Assurance experts which was established by Bryan Conway in 1986, following his successful implementation of the Management Standard for Quality Assurance BS5750 carried out as part of the final assessment project at a time when very few people understood the principles of QA and only one British firm had ever achieved nationwide certification.

With its bespoke approach to standards management, CMS developed business tools for managing risk and compliance. These tools have evolved and are subject to continual improvement with particular regard to Traceable and Documented Management Systems, based on statutory, technical and contractual requirements.

One of the main objectives of the new company is to disseminate the vast wealth of knowledge and implementation experience that the Partners have accumulated, not just to each other but to clients and other’s as well.

The ethos of showing people “HOW”, not just telling them “WHAT” to do, is the founding principle of carrying out work for clients.

In 1985 Bryan Conway attended Sunderland Polytechnic (now Sunderland University) to do a 6 month full time Business Management course, part of which was to carry out a practical project. The aim of the project was to assist a local firm, which in this case was a small engineering firm and the task given was to implement the Management Standard for Quality Assurance BS 5750.

The firm had received a grant to engage a consultant under the Enterprise Initiative Scheme. The consultants’ report had identified the need and opportunity for the company to gain certification as working to the requirements of the standard BS5750. The report outlined “what had to be done” but crucially it did not tell the firms management “how to do it”. During the course of the project Bryan realised there was a market for implementing consultants recommendations.

In late 1986 Bryan established himself as a consultant for the Enterprise Initiative Scheme with the then DTi, being awarded contracts from them and gaining work through client recommendation. Further development was made with other professionals, culminating in the formation of CMS (Corporate Management Support) with Bryan as Managing Principal Consultant.